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Machte keine Konfrontation mit Gewalt im September 2011 LLuc

Francisca Llabrés choose between all the stones and then accept their texture and form and strength and art takes out the face he takes the soul.
Their stone-sculptures are realistic contrast of our world, a reflection of life, with the drama of violence from a bandaged face with the mouth for justice.
On the other hand the hope and harmony of a nude white sleepy, or the chastity of a woman's breasts ... .... And the amazing escape of the oranges or the frivolity of a "bags" that evoke the consumer life: maybe tell us that our society wants to digest it all, forget the insults outside the superficiality
We appreciate the tenderness of maternity waiting for a better future for their children and make self-criticism. This beauty challenges us.
Don.Ramon Ballester. Prior de LLuc

Congratulations Francine, you share the vision of women and what they manifest themselves through art.
Thank you for your commitment. I celebrate your life
Catalina Trias 27-08.2011

Francisca've seen your work, I confirmed the being of women and your sensibility and art have moved me
Sion Flat Jornets Llabres of 27/08/2011

I feel the strength and expressiveness of the work against gender violence, with such sensitivity "CONGRATULATIONS"
Pascual Olmos SEFE 27/08/2011

The truth can not find words to express what I feel to see this exhibition congratulations and continues with it.
Antonia Moya 09/04/2011

Congratulations on these sculptures with such imagination
Massanet Mestre.

A tribute to nonviolence made ​​with passion for the rock art, beautiful, very lucky.

My opinion is that it can be improved
Jose Manuel 10/02/2011

It was a pleasure to watch the show, Thanks for your work
02/10/2011 Maria Blanes

mpressive display, especially the works claiming not to violence, unfortunately in this world where indifference prevails.
G. B. J. 08/10/2011

Think of the children (invisible) those who think not, but they are there. NOT A GENDER VIOLENCE.
S. Colomer 08/10/2011

Thanks for your great work to recover the dignity of women as equal to men. In this struggle we are forever.
Juan Fernandez 26/11/2011

On behalf of LOBI OF GIFTS de Mallorca, thanks for your creativity and commitment.
María Blando. Mina Parrón. Francisca Mas. 26-11-2011

Thank you for being able to communicate through the art of sculpture.
Maena de Juan 26-11-2011

They are emphatic, tender, bright and endearing, thanks for making it so clear and beautiful.

Antonia Cañellas
María Moya 26-11-2011

Because women are recognized his abilities and interests, which are in the minority anymore when any activity above awards to the arts.
Faustina Picornell 11/26/2011

Francisca: do not get tired of creating new forms and to spread the message.
Open a future for women in our records.
We are with you.
Maria R. Simonet. 26/11/2011

Thanks to life that has made you will enter in the path of art and commitment to women, giving life to your artwork.
Mary Bonnin 26/11/2011